Teams allow collaboration and sharing of assets between team members when working on shared Kaboodle projects.  You can create and manage your own teams, as well as belong to teams managed by other Kaboodle users to which you are a member.

My Teams

The "My Teams" page lists all of your teams.  This includes those you've created and those belonging to other users.

To create a new team, hit the "Add Team" button.  To manage your teams, click one of the icons in the right column:  the group icon allows you to invite and manage members; the pencil icon lets you edit the team neam; the trash can deletes the team

Teams owned by others to which you've been invited have different actions.  You can share one or more of your Media Kits, send an email to all team members, or leave the team.

Team Roster

To invite a new user to one of your teams, click the "Add Member" button on the team's member page.

Begin entering the user's first name in the Name field.  Once the correct user's name is suggested, select it.  Next, select a team role for the user.  (If you'd like the new member to be able to invite people, choose "Admin."  Otherwise, go with "Collaborator.")  Then hit "Save."

Users you've invited will have a status of "Invitation sent" until they accept the invitation.  (Similarly, when you're invited to a team, it will appear on your Teams list with a "You've been invited..." note until you either accept or decline the invitation.)