My Kaboodles

"Kaboodles" is the name we use for projects.  All of the various products (both print and web) for a particular project are organized in a single place.  This dashboard has all accessible Kaboodles, both yours and others' that have been shared with you.

There are three tabs on your Kaboodles Dashboard:

  • Active:  your current projects
  • Archived:  your past or inactive projects
  • Shared:  others' projects that have been shared with you

To view a Kaboodle project, click on the thumbnail or title.  To create a new project, click the "Start a New Kaboodle" button.

Start a New Kaboodle

Starting a new Kaboodle is just a matter of completing and saving a short form.  It includes these fields:

  • Name:  Enter the name of your project. (This is the only required field.)
  • Team:  You may assign one of your teams to the new project using this pulldown.  Team members can contribute their media assets to the project, as well as help with various product-related tasks.
  • Image:  You may upload an image for the thumbnail that appears on the "My Kaboodles" page, allowing quick identification of the project.  If left black, a default image will be used.
  • Tags:  Assign any desired tags to the project.
  • Archived:  Select this checkbox if the new project is to be immediately archived.  (Generally you will check this later, when you've completed the project.)
  • Description:  Enter a general description of the project if desired.
  • Media Kit:  Select one or more of your Media Kits to the new project.  Assets in these kits will be available to the appropriate products.  Note:  if you have not set up project-specific media kits, you can select "All Media Assets," which will allow all of your active assets to be available to the project.

Kaboodle Settings

Editing an existing Kaboodle's values is done using the same form as when adding a new Kaboodle.  To access it, click the image for an existing Kaboodle from your "My Kaboodles" page, and then click the "Settings" link in the left sidebar.