Media KitsA Media Kit is a virtual folder that contains a selection of your Media Vault assets. They are designed to help you organize your media assets for a particular purpose, like a gallery, playlist, print piece, post, video, complete Kaboodle project, or even sharing with a team project.

If you maintain a large number of assets, your Media Vault, even with its robust search capability, can become unwieldy to scroll through to find the exact media item you are looking for. Media Kits make finding the right asset, and others that go with it, fast and easy.

As virtual folders, Media Kits can contain any number of your Media Vault assets. You can create Media Kits for any purpose, so that you're only working with the relevant assets.  An individual asset can belong to an unlimited number of Media Kits.

Media KitsThe Media Kits Manager screen consists of three areas:

  • A compact view of your Media Vault appears on the left.  The familiar four media type tabs - Audio, Images, Docs, and Videos - are present.
  • The active Media Kit resides to the right of the Media Vault.
  • Your Media Kits are listed on the bottom section.  Each row details the number and types of the media assets contained in the kit. Icons in the "ACTIONS" column link to kit management functions:  edit, clone, favorite, and delete.

There are two ways to create a new kit:

  • Click the "Create New Media Kit" button.  You will be prompted to provide a name for it, and it will become the active kit in the right area.
  • Click the clone icon next to an existing kit.  This creates a new kit with the same contents as the parent kit.  You will be prompted for a name, and it will become the active kit.

Adding and/or removing asset files from a Media Kit is straightforward:

  1. Select the Media Kit on which you would like to work.  (Clicking the name of an existing Media Kit from the list at the bottom of the screen will load it into the upper right area.)
  2. To add assets, select the desired files in the Media Vault area and click the "Add Selected" button.
  3. To remove assets, select the desired files in the Media Kit area and click the "Remove Selected" button.