By now, we all know that video is a key element in any effective marketing strategy. But when it comes to the complexity of video editing, you may find yourself not producing as many videos as you wish. There are reasons for that.

  • Making good videos requires editing elements together from separate clips, images, and audio
  • You need the correct hardware and software, including updates, which can be expensive
  • There can be a steep initial learning curve plus the need to keep your skills current
  • Conventional video editing requires an investment in time that can be better spent focusing on your core business or interest

Introducing the Kaboodle Media Video Maker

We're happy to announce that one of the many marketing tools available to members of Kaboodle Media is a truly easy-to-use Video Maker.

Before we designed the Video Maker, we studied a lot of marketing and promotional videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other networks. Some of the videos were clearly made by professional video studios. However, most of the videos didn't require a fancy editing suite to provide their truly great and engaging content.

While most video editing tools use a complicated timeline interface, we took a different approach. The Video Maker is built upon an easy-to-use storyboard interface.

To make a video in Kaboodle Media, you simply add video clips or images from your Media Vault™, a great part of the Kaboodle Media ecosystem in its own right, to the storyboard. You can even drag and drop the storyboard "cells" to reorganize your video in seconds. That's not always an easy task with timeline interfaces. Then, click on each clip/image to make a few simple settings, and you're done. Even the transitions are really easy with icons placed between the clips.

Does it do everything the big video editing suites do? No, it doesn't. If it did, it would be as bulky, expensive, and complicated as they are.

Does it do a lot? Yes, it definitely does. If you sign-up for our newsletter you will be provided an opportunity to try it for free as soon as it's released, along with everything else at Kaboodle Media.

When will the Video Maker be released?

We are in the final preparations to fully release the Video Maker, on or around November 1, 2021. Between now and then, we will be providing additional information and a special offer to those that subscribe to our mailing list. Just click the following button to stay informed.

About Kaboodle Media

Kaboodle Media brings together a set of essential media applications and tools into one online platform. You can easily manage your audio, image, document, and video files and then use them to build and distribute a wide variety of digital marketing products including:

  • Audio Playlists
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  • Video Maker

Video Maker is an integral online application within the Kaboodle Media suite.