Whatever your artform, making a living from art has never been easy. It's safe to say. most would agree it has become even more difficult over the past decade or two. Particularly for artists whose work can easily be copied and/or distributed by digital means.

Some of the folks here at Kaboodle Media are very active in photography, songwriting, and composing. As are many of our customers and friends.

Even if you are not into songwriting and music publishing income there is a brief, but interesting article, from Artist Rights Watch called: "Results of ARW Songwriter Mechanical Royalty Income Questionnaire". It is really short (it's only 2 questions), but the responses expressed about the future of songwriter income, in this case "Mechanical Royalties", may be reflective of the sentiments shared by digital artists in other fields, too.

Click this link to read their article or copy and paste it into your browser: https://bit.ly/3jvaFSf

Let us know your thoughts in the comments area on how you see the future income for your creative field.

Whatever your projections or feeling are on the subject, keep plugging away because that's what artists do. And remember, "It takes more than talent". So, keep up your marketing and fan engagement strategy. People want to know what you are doing, but more importantly, why you are doing it.

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