The overall share of American adults that use social media sites is about seventy percent. This has remained relatively stable over the past five years. This is just one of the highlights from a Pew Research survey of Social Media use in the United States released on April 7.

A few of the other survey results that may be of particular interest to social media marketers are:

  • The two sites that dominate are YouTube (81%) and Facebook (69%)
  • YouTube ranked at the top of survey in growth, up from 73% in 2019 to 81% in 2021 and growing
  • Facebook growth has been relatively flat, but they are still ranked as number 2 overall
  • Those under 30 years-old frequent Instagram (71%), Snapchat (65%) and TikTok (about 50%) making those sites the most popular for that age group
  • Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp are statistically unchanged since 2019, indicating some slowing.

The report goes on to breakdown usage and demographics of the leading social networks, as well as how many people use them daily. The full report includes, and/or links to, many more details. It can be found here: Pew Social Media report. You can click here for their methodology.