Whether you are an artist seeking new fans, a restaurant needing to attract new patrons, or any business seeking to grow its audience and customer base, advertising is an essential ingredient in your marketing plan. But how, where, and how much to advertise can quickly become daunting questions.

Today, we are beginning a new series of our blog where we will be taking a deep dive into this important topic. To not miss out on future posts, click here or the subscribe button now.

As of this writing there are primarily two places to create ads that matter for the online world. Both offer vast audience and customer potential.

  • Facebook Ads Manager, includes Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Google Ad Words, includes Google and YouTube

There is a difference between the two approaches taken by these giant tech companies and the way ads are targeted.

  • Google Ad Words are "search ads". These ads help you find new customers via keyword search. This results in a broad audience with somewhat limited controls. Anyone who searches on the keyword, for whatever reason, may see your ad. Therefore, keyword selection is very important. We have also found that keywords leading to an action the user may want like variations on "how to do x" or definite informational content like "what does y mean" are most effective.
  • Facebook, on the other hand, helps users find businesses (like yours) based on their interests and other criteria. Here, you can set a wide or narrow target audience based on a variety of criteria that we'll get into in detail in subsequent posts. Only those whose interest profile matches your audience criteria receive the ad. 

Some may argue with our conclusion. It is our opinion that Facebook's approach works best for those getting started in social media advertising due to the control you have over your audience targeting.

Therefore, starting with our next installment we will begin digging into the Facebook Ads Manager. Particularly how to begin building ads and targeting your audience. We hope you will join us. We'll discuss Google Ads a little further down the road.

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