We are pleased to announce that Kaboodle Media will begin roll-out in Q2 2021.

This being our first official post likely means you have not yet heard of us... yet! So allow us this opportunity to say "Hello" and briefly introduce you to Kaboodle Media. You are invited to join our mailing list to stay informed.


Our primary goal is to solve a huge problem facing all businesses whether small or large. In particular, the creative people charged with marketing and engaging audiences.

How do you find time and resources to learn, produce, manage, and pay for all of the marketing tools, assets, and audience engagement that you need to while still finding time to actually manage your business and/or create / acquire your music, photography, videos, or creative writing?

Over the years we have found good sites and services that can help you handle one, maybe two, of the marketing-relating needs that businesses must manage in today's world.

These services generally offer one marketing specialty such as social media management, creating materials for print, cloud file storage and sharing, or even video production. These are ALL necessary elements to managing a well-rounded marketing plan But WOW, it can take a whole lot of time, duplicated effort, and expense to create and manage your marketing using each of these disparate services. And of course, even you have to learn how to use each of them and upload your assets over and over. There's got to be a better way — now there is.


It starts with our goal:

❝ Everything we do and everything we offer is designed to make it easier to reach, retain, and expand your existing and potential audiences.❞

We do this by providing you with a one-stop, marketing, collaboration, engagement, and presentation platform that we call "Kaboodle Media".


You begin by uploading your media assets (music, photos, videos, and/or text) into your own Media Vault, our digital asset management tool. You only need to do this one time for each asset! Then, using presets and templates, we'll make perfectly-sized and optimized versions for each use.

For example, you can automatically make optimized versions of images and videos for use in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, videos, email flyers, printed material and so on. The same goes for audio and video files. Upload your high quality master then automatically make optimized, transcoded copies for YouTube, Vimeo, playlists, etc. You no longer need to look up audio, image, or video requirements or use complex applications to make the necessary versions. Our presets are kept up-to-date and do the heavy lifting for you.


Actually there is too much more to detail in this post, but here are a few highlights of what else will be available.

  • Produce videos with our incredibly easy-to-use Video Maker
  • Sell downloads, prints, stock or use licenses, monetized streaming, and more
  • Make web landing pages, online galleries, and playlists
  • Manage your social media activity such as posts, scheduling, and engagement right from within the platform
  • Use pre-made templates for creating printing materials, social media posts, and web features
  • Manage teams to collaborate on your projects
  • Create and offer mobile web apps with built-in streaming and in-app sales


We'd love to have you come along on this journey with us. In the coming days and weeks we will be covering these features in upcoming posts to this blog, our YouTube Channel, and our forum. In the meantime, we encourage you to join our mailing list. This will allow you to stay informed and not miss any of our upcoming posts, announcements, and pre-release special offers.

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