Why we built Kaboodle Media.

A couple of years ago we realized we needed a set of tools that would make it easier to produce and manage a variety of marketing materials for ourselves and our clients. As we got into it, we further realized others would like this too. 

The result is Kaboodle Media. We have brought together a set of essential tools into one platform that you usually have to go to disparate sites for. Here, you can easily manage your digital assets and then use them to build, schedule, and distribute a growing variety of marketing and outreach materials yourself.

All of our tools have been carefully designed and developed to offer the features you need most often, yet are super easy and intuitive to use. Now, image changes to fit various formats, video making, email flyer preparation, social media management, and more are easy and fast to prepare and distribute right from one platform.

It all comes down to this:

Everything we do and everything we offer is designed to make it easier 
to reach, retain, and expand your existing and potential audiences


Who are we?

Kaboodle Media is owned and operated by Escalet, Inc., of Concord, California. The founders and staff have many years of experience creating, hosting, and managing sophisticated, large scale, highly available, web-based marketing and presentation platforms for the real estate, arts and entertainment markets.